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FB Fairy Tales Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“FB Fairy Tales”) has been appointed as the General Distributor for the promotion and sale of “mushie products” in mainland China and via online platforms targeting customers within the Territory including but not limited to Taobao, Tmall, Jing Dong, and Red/ Xiaohongshu (“Authorized Ecommerce Channels”).

Any and all authorization letters issued to wholesalers and/or retailers for the sales of mushie products in the Territory and/or via the Authorized Ecommerce Channels shall be issued by FB Fairy Tales, and the authorized wholesalers and retailers will be managed by FB Fairy Tales.

All authorized letters formerly issued by FB Trading ApS to sell “mushie products” within the Territory and/or via the Authorized Ecommerce Channels shall no longer be valid from Februar 2022, and new authorization letters will be issued to the related wholesalers and retailers by FB Fairy Tales.

FB Trading ApS and FB Fairy Tales will not be liable for any mushie products sold by any unauthorized wholesalers and/or retailers.

FB Trading ApS
17th of January 2022



    自2022[2 月]起,原由FB Trading ApS出具的在区域内和/或授权电商渠道销售mushie品牌产品的授权书均不再有效,并由孚贝童话向相关的批发商和零售商出具新的授权书。

    未经授权的批发商和/或零售商出售的mushie品牌产品,FB Trading ApS和孚贝童话不承担任何责任。

FB Trading ApS
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